Know Your Aura Podcast - What Color is Your Aura? Mystic Michaela's Quiz.

What Color is Your Aura? – QUIZ

Auras are our body’s energy signature. Similar to your personality, understanding your Aura can help you navigate life’s everyday challenges more efficiently and confidently.

Don’t know what your Aura is? Take this quick Know Your Aura Podcast quiz to find out!

Answer the questions below to reveal your Aura color.

What Is Your Aura Color?
Which words best describe you?
When dealing with confrontation you…
What is your biggest pet peeve?
What is your ideal workout?
How do you best say “I love you” to others?
What positive thing would someone else say about you?
Which job suits you best?
How would you describe your relationship with your phone?
Burnout for you feels as if you are _______.
What is your perfect gift to receive?
Which statement applies to you most?

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