What Color Is Your Aura?

Complete Mystic Michaela’s simple quiz to find out your Aura Color!

Aura Colors Explained

Aura Shades Explained

Which colors make up your Aura?

  • BLUE: – Naturally empathic and sensitive people who are compassionate and thoughtful givers.
  • YELLOW: Organized and curious multitaskers who seek constant self improvement and love direct honest communication.
  • PURPLE: Creative, Intuitive rebels who crave change and artistic outlets.
  • GREEN: Logical and intellectual detail oriented thinkers who crave passionate projects which promote challenging self growth.
  • TURQUOISE: Compassionate, old soul quiet healers who mirror to others their own selves.
  • INDIGO: Absorbing empaths who have the ability to mind read as well as non verbally communicate in an attempt to heal others.
  • PINK: Optimistic, pure and loving innocent energies who tend to be brilliant manifesters and hopeless romantics.
  • RED: Direct, assertive and take charge leaders who have good natural instincts about others.

Learn the Language

On the podcast Mystic Michaela will use various terms to describe people and situations. Should you hear one of those terms, this is a good place to find out what it means.

  • AURA-SPLAIN: While attempting to analyze, describe and deconstruct someone’s actions to them, you include their aura colors in your explanation. Regardless of whether they know what auras are or not.
  • HOT MESS PURPLE: The scenario in which an individual’s life has reached such a high level of disorganization, chaos and drama is felt by all involved and even to those who watch from afar.
  • MIC DROP EMPATH: The act by which an individual feels a truth so intensely and instantaneously they blurt it out without any pretense of attention to its delivery. Often causing the recipient to recoil at its brutal yet relevant honesty.
  • RED RANT: when one sets off into a long winded pontification of one’s own reasons why something should or should not be the way it is.
  • GREEN AURA TED TALK: When one explains something they feel strongly about, and backs it up with research and relevant facts so as to explain its validity the way they see it.
  • INDIGHOST: When an empath who has completed the door slam on a relationship completely disappears, stops communication and for all intents and purposes vanishes into thin air.
  • PURPLE BOMB: The act of exploding one’s life on purpose so as to create catastrophic change albeit in a way which is self destructive.
  • YELL-NO: When one suddenly comes to, takes an honest look around at their life … says NOPE and proceeds to do a total life 180 with amazing focus and precision.
  • TRI COLOR TORNADO: The act of an individual who does not know exactly what they want effectively throwing themselves into every possible scenario only to find out via major life upheaval which option outlasts their storm of emotion.